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News and in-depth analysis of wind power, wind farms and wind industry companies and policy in emerging markets, including Brazil and India.

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A vision realised as Africa's biggest project comes online

A vision realised as Africa's biggest project comes online

KENYA: Changes of government, corruption scandals and legal challenges hindered development, but the 310MW Lake Turkana project in Kenya, Africa's largest, is now generating electricity

Will president's pledge unlock PPA jam?

Will president's pledge unlock PPA jam?

SOUTH AFRICA: Political turmoil and the state utility's heel-dragging on renewables development are stifling wind-power growth in one of the world's most promising markets. But the president's promise to force Eskom into action has raised hope of breaking the deadlock.

Grid upgrades will help stalled wind projects

Grid upgrades will help stalled wind projects

JORDAN: Work has started on reinforcing Jordan's transmission grid in order to integrate more renewable energy on to the network and improve the reliability of the power supply.

Lithium boom puts spotlight on Chile

Lithium boom puts spotlight on Chile

CHILE: As growing interest in electric cars and energy-storage drives up global demand for lithium, companies with concessions to exploit Chile's vast resources could find themselves in an enviable position if the government loosens restrictions.

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Baltic States - Region's only bright spot could fade after 2012

BALTIC STATES: Wind energy development in Latvia and Lithuania remains sluggish, while Estonia is making slow but steady progress.

Brazil - Project and production activity set to spiral

BRAZIL: Brazil added more than 40% of new capacity in 2011 and investors have the appetite for more in 2012.

Bulgaria - New rules may spark investor exodus

BULGARIA: Prospects for the Bulgarian market are not bright, as legislative changes may make it more difficult for developers to access project financing.

Czech Republic - Investment bombshell hits suffering sector

CZECH REPUBLIC: Investment in wind and other renewables in the Czech Republic suffered a major blow at the start of the year when parliament's upper house approved a draft law that undermines the renewables support mechanism included in all existing contracts between plant operators and the Czech grid companies. The law is now awaiting approval by the lower house to become final.

Hungary - Progress on hold as wind awaits new tender

HUNGARY: Hungary is unlikely to see a single new turbine turning this year, as investors wait for the details of a planned incentive system to be revealed and a new tender for additional wind capacity to be launched.

Latin America - Legislative delays stall nascent markets

LATIN AMERICA, EXCLUDING BRAZIL: Wind activity outside of Brazil is poised to grow. Mexico should see installed capacity increase this year, but elsewhere, legislative issues are holding up projects.

Middle East & North Africa - Political events bring delays but offer hope

NORTHERN AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST: Political and social unrest rocked much of the Middle East and north Africa in 2011, putting projects on hold and raising concerns for future investment. While a few countries did see progress, unrest still haunts much of the region. A lot will now depend on how quickly these countries manage to regain stability and restore confidence.

Poland - Industry prepares to fight 'destructive' draft rules

POLAND: This year may prove to be the toughest yet in the Polish wind sector's ten-year history. The industry was shocked by draft legislation on renewable energy issued by the government in December that removes the guaranteed price for wind-generated electricity and cuts by 25% the number of green certificates available for onshore wind farms above 200kW. The new rules apply to both existing and future wind farms.

Romania - Booming market aims to treble in two years

ROMANIA: Romania's wind-energy sector is expected to post another impressive performance in 2012. According to the Romanian Wind Energy Association (RWEA), some 850MW in new capacity could be operating by the end of the year, bringing the country's total to more than 1.8GW.

South-East Europe - Croatia advances while neighbours struggle

SOUTH EAST EUROPE: Wind developers in the area share problems such as shortage of capital, complex permitting procedures and legislative obstacles. In Serbia, poor spatial planning is a major hurdle for location permits, while in Croatia the five-step permitting process is a cause of concern for prospective investors. Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia could see the first installed capacity come online in 2012.

Sub-Saharan Africa - New players join the world of wind

SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA: The year ahead should be busy in sub-Saharan Africa after significant progress was made in 2011, most notably with project tenders in South Africa, but also installations in Ethiopia and Cape Verde. Projects also made strides ahead in Nigeria, Mauritania and Kenya. In many other countries barriers such as the lack of a regulatory framework and reliable wind data continue to hamper development.

Ukraine - Local requirements may stifle huge ambition

UKRAINE: The Ukrainian wind industry is entering 2012 with ambitious plans for further development. However, the country's image abroad, widespread corruption and restrictive legislation may dampen investors' enthusiasm.