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UK awards first CfD round

UK: The UK government has awarded its first competitive Contracts for Difference (CfD) subsidies to onshore and offshore projects, totalling 1.9GW.

Portfolio shake-up for Europe's energy majors

EUROPE: Falling wholesale power prices and environmental pressures are making the big European energy companies reconsider their portfolios. But whether that means a stronger focus on renewables depends on their home market and ownership structure.

UK training college will address skills shortfall

UK: The precise location has yet to be chosen and details of the courses that will be offered remain sketchy, but the UK's first national college for wind energy is scheduled to open its doors to students in autumn 2016.

Analysis: Infrastructure investors look to Italy

ITALY: Infrastructure investment companies are eyeing Italian wind energy opportunities, with several high-profile deals on the horizon, as operating wind farms are seen as offering steady and satisfactory returns.

Reducing risk by diversifying assets

WORLDWIDE: In the face of bleaker growth prospects across mature wind energy markets, wind-power producers and manufacturers have turned to new destinations -- and also more recently taken a keener interest in complementary technological sectors.

The challenges of finding the best sites for wind development

WORLDWIDE: Finding a site offering good wind resources and access for large components, as well as the policy and price stability required by investors, is no easy task. And while technology has opened up new sites for development, these come with additional challenges.

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