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E.on cuts UK offshore project by 43%

UK: E.on has reduced the Rampion project by 300MW, taking its capacity to 400MW using 116 turbines.

Macquarie and CVC in line for 415MW wind assets

UK: Australian and British investment groups Macquarie and CVC, respectively, have emerged as sole finalists in a bid to acquire E.on's Spanish division.

Windpower Top 30 - GE's McEntee tops list

The fourth Windpower Monthly Top 30 places wind industry leaders according to their ability to influence, using categories such as global reach, financial clout and megawatt might. The resulting ratings reveal personnel changes and new industry trends.

Analysis: Areva and Schneider develop fuel-cell system

FRANCE: Power generation giant Areva and Schneider Electric, which specialises in energy management, have agreed to work together on a hydrogen fuel-cell storage system to help manage variable renewable energy production, notably wind and solar, and improve its incorporation into the grid.

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E.on develops grid-scale wind-integration battery

GERMANY: E.on has announced that it is working on a large-scale battery storage system in order to better integrate wind and solar into the grid.

Areva and Schneider join forces for wind energy storage

FRANCE: Areva and Schneider Electric have teamed up to work on the development of a hydrogen fuel-cell energy storage system to compliment renewable energy generation.

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