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Vestas secures 33MW Swedish order

SWEDEN: Vestas has been awarded a 33MW contract from financial firm Allianz Capital Partners to supply a project in Sandviken, east Sweden.

Offshore boosts E.on sales

GERMANY: Offshore wind has helped German utility E.on's sales increase, but earnings fell in the company's first half report.

Gamesa wins UK repowering deal

UK: Gamesa 2MW turbines will be used by E.on and Energy Power Resources to repower the Ovenden Moor project in West Yorkshire, north England.

Portfolio shake-up for Europe's energy majors

EUROPE: Falling wholesale power prices and environmental pressures are making the big European energy companies reconsider their portfolios. But whether that means a stronger focus on renewables depends on their home market and ownership structure.

UK training college will address skills shortfall

UK: The precise location has yet to be chosen and details of the courses that will be offered remain sketchy, but the UK's first national college for wind energy is scheduled to open its doors to students in autumn 2016.

Question of the week: What do RWE's cuts mean for the industry?

Windpower Monthly asked experts what RWE's announcement that it will implement dramatic cuts to its renewables spending will mean for the wider wind industry.

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