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First Wind signs up for GE PowerUp

UNITED STATES: First Wind plans to install GE's PowerUp servicing on its turbines at two wind projects in Utah.

Windpower Top 30 - utilities and developers

WORLDWIDE: Next month, Windpower Monthly brings out its top 30 list of the most influential people in the wind industry; this week we look at the developers and utilities.

Gallery: Monopiles delivered to Amrumbank West

GERMANY: Ballast Nedam has begun supplying monopiles to E.on's 288MW Amrumbank West project in the German North Sea.

German wind generation increases 2.8% in 2013

GERMANY: German wind generation increased 2.8% to 47.14TWh in 2013, compared with 45.86TWh in 2012.

The billion-euro man

WORLDWIDE: Over the past three years, PensionDanmark has made over EUR1 billion of direct investments in wind projects. CEO Torben Möger Pedersen reveals why the fund banks on wind.

Interview with GE renewables chief Anne McEntee

WORLDWIDE: Anne McEntee took charge of renewables at GE in April, enjoying the highs of the rollercoaster US market. She talks to Windpower Monthly about her plans for riding through the lower end of that cycle.

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