Drivetrain Components Reliability And Optimisation Forum

Drivetrain Component Reliability Forum And Optimisation Forum


Bringing you the latest in turbine component developments along the breadth of the supply chain – through manufacturing, construction and O&M .

We will be delving specifically into crucial issues related to the core turbine components , with a focus on the gearbox, generator, main bearing and power converter.

All with the aim of extending their life span to keep up with increased turbine longevity , reduce the likelihood of unplanned maintenance , and avoid failures .

Hot topics of debate will include:

  • Finding the ideal balance between innovation, cost and quality in order to reduce extensive O&M efforts and ensure built-in reliability
  • Assessing the industry capacity to cope with ongoing growth in turbine size and subsequent scaling up of mechanical and electrical components
  • Comparing developer insights into component field performance, whilst outlining the key benefits of implementing a database approach
  • Understanding common causes of premature failures in wind turbine gearbox bearings to enact early detection procedures and identify effective control strategies
  • Practical experience using innovative component testing facilities to understand environmental challenges and ensure effective root cause analysis
  • Advancing a cost-competitive platform analysis of component upgrades, modifications and replacements , to determine why a utility would choose in-house, OEM or ISP service provision in and out of warranty
  • Best-practice methodologies for assessing components as part of an integrated system to produce a holistic reliability model and take control of your OPEX