Drivetrain Components Reliability And Optimisation Forum

Drivetrain Component Reliability Forum And Optimisation Forum

Forum Day 1 - Tuesday 15 March 2016

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Edwin Hidding , Senior Product Manager Machine Head And Towers – Gearbox And Drivetrain Specialist, GE


Keynote: Securing Sustainability – A Comprehensive Approach To Design For Gearbox Reliability

  • Evaluating GE’s progress regarding calculated gearbox overall system reliability and using this to ensure a competitive wind energy strategy
  • Assessing Failure Mode and Effects Analyses (FMEA)
  • Testing procedures and analysis of results, to enhance gearbox lifetime
  • Review of lessons learned from past gearbox field problems and response mechanisms
  • Maintaining an effective gearbox replacement and repair database

Edwin Hidding , Senior Product Manager Machine Head And Towers – Gearbox And Drivetrain Specialist, GE

Manufacturing Phase: Insights On Enhanced Performance Design And Technology Innovation


Gearbox And Drivetrain Safeguarding: An Innovative Flexible Coupling For Significant Reliability Enhancement

  • Using composite materials and elastic couplings on the low speed side of a wind turbine, to improve dynamic system behaviour 
  • How have the full-scale couplings been shown to remarkably reduce non-torque loads and what are the additional benefits?
  • Exploring the simulation results to effectively quantify the effective performance of Compowind, as a result of the exclusive technology co-operation with CWD Aachen
Alexander Kari , Sales Manager, Geislinger

Developer Perspective: A Balancing Act - Reconciling Cost Reduction Aims With Quality Assurance And Durability Requirements

  • How are turbine components performing in the field, in relation to standards for quality assurance and quality control across the whole supply and value chain?
  • The path towards low operational costs, built-in reliability and cost-efficient installation through effective identification of common design defects
  • Do competitive markets and the need to reach cost-reduction targets directly affect life-cycle costs and reliability of components?
Jamie Scurlock , Head Of Turbine Engineering, RES 

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Panel Discussion: Designing For Reliability - Supply Chain Perspective On Material Durability And Best Practice Mechanical Component Design

  • Assessing disparate modular models and prospects for standardisation of design
  • To what extent is manufacturing process control properly implemented and what pressures limit the likelihood of reliability?
  • Encouraging transparency in production, installation and operations by identifying and tackling weak links

Panellists Include:  

Richard Smith , Fleet Engineering Manager, Romax Technology

Christian Fenselau , Director Global Testing,  Vestas

Stephen Steen, Head Of Industrial Internet Services,  Sentient Science


Gearbox Development In Light Of Direct Drive: Progress On Both Fronts 

  • Evaluating why the gearbox prevails in terms of it's continuous development and onshore site suitability, despite attempts to get to grips with gearless turbines and direct drive technology leaps
  • Assessing from a service perspective the reliability profile of gearboxes
  • What are the fundamental improvements to gearbox service technology and what does the trajectory look like in terms of future developments?

Tom Quist, Drive Train Specialist - Service Technology, Siemens


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Failure Prevention In The O&M Phase – Periodic Repair, Maintenance And Testing Techniques


Drivetrain Failure Examples From The Field And Practical Approaches For Reducing Costs

  • Drawing on practical examples of gearbox and main bearing failures, along with evidence provided from condition monitoring systems, lubrication analysis, turbine inspections, teardown and metallurgical analysis 
  • A detailed look at the costs in the ‘life of a failure’ to illuminate why in breaking costs down and looking at failure statistics from operational sites, it is possible to identify crucial areas for cost saving, which drives future O&M strategy
  • Highlighting the huge importance of effective and pro-active information sharing in order to minimise costs
  • Drawing on experience in joining up the lines of communication between inspection engineers/technicians and back-office staff, such as condition monitoring engineers
Fraser Morris , European Sales Manager - Fleet Engineering Services, Romax Technology

OEM Insights: Validating And Consolidating Drivetrain And Component Testing Procedures

  • Evaluating developments and investment of Vestas in-house component testing facilities
  • Using single, full-scale and system level test results to deliver reliable products for the market
  • Developing a strategy, tools and processes for the testing of main bearings and drivetrain components

Christian Fenselau , Director Global Testing, Vestas


Keep It In The Nacelle: A Preventive Gearbox Philosophy And Upgrades For Extra Lifetime

  • Determining how best to keep your existing gearbox in the nacelle for as long as you can
  • Knowing when to remove the gearbox before catastrophic failure
  • Identifying existing weaknesses and designing them out for improved lifetime expectancy of gearboxes
  • Assessing the value of upgrades that provide extra lifetime
David Moss , Service Sales Manager, Moventas Wind

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Reliability Improvement Process Including On-Ground Nacelle Test And Field Test

  • Understanding the reliability of your drivetrain, with system level approach
  • Examining the value of data from on-ground drive train test and field measurement
  • Suggestion about how to calculate the reliability of drive train system and reliability improvement process

Hyunjoo Lee , Leader Of Drivetrains - Innovation And Research, ORE Catapult


Environmental Testing Of Wind Turbine Equipment Through The Use Of Advanced Laboratory Test Rigs And Field Verification Measurements

  • Optimizing turbine designs by using relevant structural, mechanical and environmental field data
  • Implementing greater correlation between simulation, test rig tests and field validation
  • Testing the effects of extreme climates (cold, humidity, dry heat) by using climatic test chambers to ensure component robustness and responding to issues such as overheating, start-up times, stiff oil and greases

Pieter Jan Jordaens , Head Of Business Development And Innovation, OWI-Lab


Best Practice Testing And Monitoring Processes For Predicting And Preventing Major Electrical Component Failure

  • How to avert component failure through the use of disparate analysis techniques and analytical reports
  • What effect do various turbine types have on your approach to dynamic testing?
  • Dealing with converter unreliability tendencies, to determine the probability of failure
  • Understanding issues specific to electrical components, including the greater amount of input parameters and grid integration

Javier San Miguel , Head Of Department – Wind Energy, CENER


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Forum Day 2 - Wednesday 16 March 2016

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Chair's Welcome And Opening Remarks

Edwin Hidding , Senior Product Manager Machine Head And Towers – Gearbox And Drivetrain Specialist, GE

Out Of Warranty Reliability Issues: Fault Response, Prediction And Technical Support


Developer Case Study: Investigating How Asset Reliability Models Can Predict Expected Lifetime And Decrease Long-Term Gearbox Cost

  • Assessing lifetime and survival expectations for gearboxes to anticipate what constitutes a reasonable failure rate, account for variability and understand wear related risks
  • Assessing various models for encouraging healthy and lasting gearbox reliability
  • What are the benefits of increasing end-user knowledge in terms of gearbox life-cycle cost?

Jan Ukonsaari, Senior Research Engineer – Drivetrain Specialist, Vattenfall


Developer Case Study: Component Upgrades, Modifications And Spare Parts – Cost Competitive Platform Analysis

  • Matching supply and demand between suppliers and buyers, with a focus on out of warranty components
  • How to encourage market competition, creating consistent dialogue and reducing downtime in providing an efficient platform for products
  • What determines whether a customer chooses an OEM, ISP or in-house strategy for component services and replacements?

Harriet Green , Generation Asset Lead, Statkraft


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How To Achieve 25-30 Years Lifetime For Your Wind Turbine Drivetrain: Extending The Life Of Components With Prognostic Technology And Asset Management

  • Industry leading advanced computational analysis for lifing and the life extension of components
  • Why do bearings fail? Understanding how micro geometry, material microstructure and lubrication are causing today's wind turbine drivetrain failure
  • Case study: optimised drivetrain componentry to meet 25 to 30 year lifespans, and even 40 year life time extension
  • Integrating these lifing models with SCADA data

Dr Elon Terrell, Computational Tribologist,  Sentient Science

Looking Ahead: Integrated System Solutions And Future Prospects For Enhanced Component Reliability


Investor Perspective: How Does Drivetrain Component Reliability Affect Your Project’s Future Investment Prospects?

  • A reliability and investment assessment in terms of adequate drivetrain energy generation
  • Which components are most likely to affect an investor’s perception of the risk profile and bankability prospects for a project?
  • How are new technology developments and the fast paced evolution of drivetrain designs influencing investment potential?

Kelly Dallas,  Director Of Asset Management , Wind Prospect Operations (WPO)


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A Database Approach – Big Data Monitoring For Optimising And Extending The Lifetime Of Drivetrains To Meet Turbine Longevity

  • Combining data from field testing, test-rig testing, modelling and O&M research to understand why not all gearboxes achieve their expected lifetime
  • In-depth understanding of normal and abnormal turbine behaviour by long-term monitoring of an entire fleet of wind turbines condensed in one integrated dataset, including maintenance data
  • Learn from other industries to keep track of drivetrain behaviour during the full turbine lifecycle by introducing an internet of things based approach

Dr Ig. Jan Helsen   , Professor - Mechanical Engineering,    University Of Brussels/OWI-Lab


Systems In Sync: Assessing Components As Part Of An Integrated Reliability Model To Improve Testing Procedures And Take Control Of Your OPEX

  • Integration of system and component testing into the development process
  • Correlating failure trends in separate components and patterns between turbine defects and damage, for increased testing efficiency
  • Ensuring the testing objective is the main driver for a specific testing set up
  • Demonstration of different testing requirements by delving into practical examples of system and component testing at the Fraunhofer IWES

Martin Pilas,    Group Manager – Wind Turbine And System Technology,    Fraunhofer IWES


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Round Table Discussions: Pieces Of The Puzzle - Reliability Strategies And Advances In Technology 

Delegates will select two  of the following peer-to-peer discussions (A, B and C), with a half hour allocated to each. 

You will move into small break-out groups where discussion will be off the record and led by an expert on the given topic. Delegates are encouraged to bring along their considered ideas and questions in order to facilitate a meaningful in-depth discussion.  




Reliability Control Concept Compliance With Certification Standards: Placing Reliability High On The Agenda

  • How important is the reliability of components in terms of your overall targets for wind turbine control? How can we optimise existing controllers to increase their performance?
  • How can specifically tailored control algorithms push the balance in favour of reliability and wear issues as the prime concern for control concepts?
  • What do the results of Vestas' first time approach using an individual pitch controller demonstrate in terms of pitch travel reduction and overall field performance?
Thomas Kruger , Specialist Technology Development - Turbine R&D, Vestas


Operator Repair Models


Generator Repair And Upgrade Models: How Can We Mitigate The Effect Of Long-Term, Full Service Agreements On An Independent O&M Market?

  • How can we enfore greater transparency and co-operation with operators and OEMs, when drafting generator repair purchase agreements? What determines whether owner/operators choose a long term, full service agreement or pursue third party maintenance offerings?
  • Evaluating practical examples of effective generator repair and upgrade models utilised by leading developers - including SSE, Scottish Power and RES
  • What are some of the key strategies we can look to implement, based on lessons learned, in order to avoid tying ISPs up in knots?

Alan Philpott , Business Development Manager, Avonmore Electrical Co. Ltd




Choosing The Optimum Bearing For Gearboxes: Are Journal Bearings A Proven Alternative To Rolling Bearings?

  • What evidence does the existence of innovative gearbox prototypes provide, in support of journal bearings' ability to deliver a higher efficiency at lower costs?
  • How can we contrast rolling bearing performance with journal bearings, in terms of test results on issues such as wear, noise and vibrations?
  • Do such developments mean that journal bearings may preclude the use of rolling bearings for the majority of gearbox applications?
Alexander Kari , Sales Manager, Geislinger

Roundtable Feedback

Delegates regroup to hear the round table hosts sharing the main outcomes of their discussions.


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