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News and in-depth analysis of wind power, wind farms and wind industry companies and policy in Denmark.

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Denmark on course for 50% wind, growing interest in Norway and Finland

DENMARK: Virtually one third (33.2%) of Denmark's electricity came from wind during 2013, and the country is well on course to hit its target of reaching 50% by the end of the decade.

United Kingdom Partners Dong and Siemens co-own A2Sea, which supplies installation vessels (pic:Siemens)

Dong widens its net to hit 2020 offshore goal

EUROPE: While some utilities are pulling back from offshore investment, scared off by policy uncertainty and high costs, Danish power company Dong Energy is driving ahead.

Worldwide Prototypes for Mitsubishi's SeaAngel feature the world's second-longest blade (pic: Euros)

Analysis - Vestas-MHI offshore venture aims for no.1

DENMARK: After a year-long courtship, Vestas and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) have tied the knot in a union the two companies hope will help topple Siemens as the industry's number one offshore player.

United Kingdom Endangered red-breasted geese are at the centre of legal battle over permit for wind farm in Bulgaria (pic:Tyler Brenot)

A permitting issue of environmental concern

To find locations for new onshore wind farms in Europe, developers are now being forced to consider sites that come with added complexities, such as those in the Natura 2000 network.

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Denmark - Sector waits for new energy act to end limbo

DENMARK: The year ahead is one of promise for Denmark's wind sector following the political limbo caused by 2011's general election. Revised energy legislation is due in the first half of this year, and the industry is keen to find out when the new act will take effect and what difference - if any - it will make.

Special reports

Husum 2012 - Special Report

As the Husum trade fair gets underway, Windpower Monthly has produced a special report looking at the latest technological innovations in the wind industry.

Onshore Operations and Maintenance - Special Report

Windpower Monthly has produced a report examining how a good O&M strategy can keep onshore turbines running and cutting the cost of energy.

Global Offshore - Special Report

Windpower Monthly has produced a special report covering the examining the future of the global offshore sector. It covers Europe's ambitious plans versus the financial realities, and progress in other markets such as China and the US.

European Wind Integration - Special Report

European Wind Integration - Special Report

Windpower Monthly examines the challenges of wind integration across Europe. The special report includes a focus on operating systems in Denmark, Spain, Ireland, and a wind penetration of map of the whole region.

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