wind farm data management and analysis north america

wind farm data management and analysis north america
Day 2: 5 March 2014

Delegate Sign-In And Morning Refreshments


Chair’s Welcome And Opening Remarks

Walter Hornaday, President, Cielo Wind 


KEYNOTE: Predictive And Condition Based Maintenance To Optimize Your Site 

  • What are the benefits of predictive and condition based maintenance plans?
  • Developing an improved maintenance plan for failure avoidance and fault prevention
  • How can data be used to improve O&M desicions? 

David Korim, Team Leader Diagnostics Engineering, General Electric


Creating A Collaborative Approach To Data Access And Sharing 

  • When does data become part of a wind turbine/farm transaction?
  • Managing data acess before purchase
  • Who can access the data?
  • When is access granted?
  • How does the OEM easily provide the owners with service phase data sharing? 

Richard Nichol, Product Manager, Technology And Service Solutions, Vestas 


Morning Networking Break


Round Table Discussions: Solutions For Monitoring And Analyzing The Condition Of Wind Farm Assets

Get face-to-face exposure to some of the leading condition monitoring solutions and key issues in the Wind Industry. Tailor your Windpower Monthly experience and take your pick of two of our specialist sessions:

  • Identifying Best Practice For Capturing Instability In Your System Reliability Model
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions: What Are The Latest Solutions On The Market? 
  • How To Get Beyond Secrecy In The Industry To Drive More Cost-Effective Design 
  • Wind Performance Metrics
  • New Data Analysis Techniques And Approaches

Judah Moseson, PE CEM, Director Of O&M Services, Infigen Energy

Jason Swartz, SCADA Engineering Manager, BP Alternative Energy

Melissa Valgardson, Wind Performance Engineer, TransAlta

Richard Nichol, Product Manager, Technology And Service Solutions, Vestas  

Dushyant Tank, Turbine Performance Engineer-Performance Management, EDP Renewables


Maximising Your Wind Power: Strategies And Case Studies For Optimizing Performance 

  • Combining innovation, systems and execution for total project success
  • Thinking beyond your turbine supply agreement 
  • Case studies for performance, monitoring, automation and control

Timothy Hertel, Director, Software Services  (Global),   Envision Energy USA  Ltd


Networking Lunch 


Make Smarter Predictions: The Benefits Of A 3rd Party SCADA System

  • Reasons for considering a 3rd Party SCADA System
  • Replacement options
  • What to expect when switching over

Zeeshan Shafiq, Team Leader, WindHelm SCADA,  GL Garrad Hassan


Maximising Turbine Availabilty Through Real Time Monitoring And SCADA Data Analysis 

  • Understanding the importance of 24/7 control center services
  • Identifying pitch and yaw issues using reltative performance assessment
  • Assessing the impact of  relative performance assessment and 24/7 control centers on the safety of service technicians

Judah Moseson, PE CEM Director Of O&M Services, Infigen Energy


Developing A Fleet-Wide Performance Reporting Tool

Examining the benefits of using a centralized reporting tool, including: 

  • Standardization of metrics across turbine types
  • Ability to reflect true causes of outages
  • Aligned with industry standards for wind reporting (ex. NERC/GADS)
  • Expanded metrics that account for wind levels and market prices (energy-based availability, commercial availabilty)

Melissa Valgardson, Wind Performance Engineer,   TransAlta


Afternoon Networking Break


Comparing Apples To Oranges

  • The challenges of normalizing data 

Mikael Frank, Director, Research And Development, SCADA International 


Integrating Data Systems To Manage The Supply Of Power To The Grid

  • Assessing mechanisms of regulating power on the grid including smart grids and monitoring devices 
  • What systems are available to store power for the grid? 
  • What are the operational rules for integrating wind power into the market?
    • Required meteorological data
    • How often does data have to be sent?
    • Automatic vs. manual dispatch
    • Critical assets

Bryant Wong, Reliability Engineer EDP Renewables


Chairs Closing Remarks And End Of Forum 

Delegates from the european EVENT SAID:

"Focused and very interesting – really worthwhile!”

Wind Energy R&D Engineer, Romax Technology Ltd

"Informative and great networking event”

Researcher Wind Energy Systems, ECN

"Eye opener to what is happening in the field”

Technology Engineer, ZF WindPower

"Got a good impression of issues and trends”

Chief Engineer, Siemens WindPower