wind farm data management and analysis north america

wind farm data management and analysis north america
Day 1: 4 March 2014

Registration And Morning Refreshments


Chair’s Welcome And Opening Remarks

Walter Hornaday, President,  Cielo Wind


Keynote Session: NERC Compliance For Your Wind Farm

  • What are the criticalities of NERC compliance: What needs to be reported and when?
    • Current reporting standards
    • Maintaining the integrity of the grid
    • Meeting production goals
    • Timeline for compliance
  • Examining the requirements of CIP 5
    • What are the cost implications of becoming CIP 5 compliant?
  • Is there an industry standard for integration of these guidelines? 

Pamela Dautel, Director – NERC Compliance Programme,   GDF-Suez North America


Focus Session: How To Protect Your Infrastructure From Cyber Threats

  • What are the security challenges faced?
    • Remote access
    • Physical security of servers in secure locations
  • How to protect your network and servers from outside threats?
    • Firewalls
  • Software solutions

Jason Swartz, SCADA Engineering Manager, BP Alternative Energy


Morning Networking Break


Getting To The Core Of Service Contracts: Should Availability Be Time Or Production Based?

  • How is availability determined in service agreements?
    • What data is used to determine availability?
  • Should production-based guarantees be standard in warranty contracts, and why?
  • Assessing future availability calculations
    • Yield-based availability 
    • Market economic indicators

Dushyant Tank, Performance Management, EDP Renewables North America 


IEC61400-25 A New Wind Turbine Communication Standard 

  • Why is a standard needed?
  • Overview and background of the 61400-25
  • Current status of the standard
  • Recent field experiences 

Amir Zohar, Electrical Engineer,  Senvion


Networking Lunch


DEBATE - This House Believes: Reducing The Cost Of Energy Relies On Industry-Wide Collaborative Data Sharing

Proposition: Industry-wide data sharing has clear advantages, including owner/operator input on OEM R&D, development of O&M best practice across varied fleets, cost savings on CMS and 3P SCADA systems, and identification of industry trends.

Tracy Duncan, Wind Operations Specialist, TransAlta

Opposition: Data collected is proprietary and OEMs rely on this to ensure continued competition in the market.

Richard Nichol, Product Manager-Services And Solutions, Technology And Service Solutions, Vestas 


Afternoon Networking Break


Case Study: Performance  Analysis To Keep Turbines At The Highest Possible Production Level

  • What methods are available to extract value from very large data sets?
  • How to integrate data systems to troubleshoot faults and failures across your fleet
  • Assessing methods for improving your data analysis to better understand turbine performance through available telemetry
  • Our approach to building a reliability system model
    • Telemetry 
    • Cost model
    • O&M strategy

Justin Johnson, Director of Performance Management,  EDP Renewables North America LLC


Yaw Optimisation And Operational Power Curve Measurements With Nacelle Lidar 

  • When does it make sense to consider installation of nacelle lidar technology?
  • What is the optimal design and duration of a nacelle lidar measurement campaign 
  • How is lidar data analysed to help inform plant-level desicions?    

Evan Osler, Senior Technical Account Manager-Remote Sensing, NRG Renewable Systems 


Case Study: A Performance Tune Up For A Wind Fleet

With large amounts of data from a 1.1 GW wind fleet going into a centralized diagnostic center each year, TransAlta uses this data for reliability/condition monitoring. In addition to these functions, TransAlta uses the data to check for and correct turbine performance issues. This has been very successful and has increased fleet revenues by over $1M per year. 

This session looks at the tune-ups done by TransAlta to increase overall fleet revenue.

Tracy Duncan, Wind Operations Specialist, TransAlta


Chairs Closing Remarks And End Of Day 1

Delegates from the european EVENT SAID:

"Focused and very interesting – really worthwhile!”

Wind Energy R&D Engineer, Romax Technology Ltd

"Informative and great networking event”

Researcher Wind Energy Systems, ECN

"Eye opener to what is happening in the field”

Technology Engineer, ZF WindPower

"Got a good impression of issues and trends”

Chief Engineer, Siemens WindPower