Contact Risk Management In Offshore Wind Construction

Contract Risk Management In Offshore Wind Construction: Europe

CRM Europe - Day 1 - Tuesday 30 September 2014

Registration And Morning Refreshments


Chair’s Opening Address

Henrik K. Søndergaard, Senior Project Manager, Siemens Wind Power Offshore

OEM Keynote: The Current State Of Contract Risk In Offshore Wind Construction

Dr. Jürgen Cloppenburg, Head of Legal, Siemens Wind Power, Offshore

Financial Keynote: Assessing the Offshore Wind Market From A Financier’s Perspective

  • What are the major risks in an Offshore Wind project from a financier’s point of view?
  • What are the main options for reducing project risk and improving profits?
  • How far does the offshore industry have to advance before its technology is perceived as safe an investment as onshore wind?
  • Assessment of the future maturity of the offshore wind market

Carmen Marín Romano, Project & Acquisition Finance – Energy & Natural Resources, Santander Global Banking & Markets

Miguel Morale, Vice President, Santander Global Banking & Markets


Networking Break And Morning Refreshments


Ensuring Best Practice Contract Preparation For The Financing Stage

  • Early evaluation of funding markets in project development
  • Best practice consultation and negotiation with a financial institution to minimise contract delays
  • Reaching agreement on the banker’s inspection rights and other finer contractual details
Pierre Lestienne, Project Director (Finance), Nordsee One Offshore Wind Farm, RWE

New Ways To Manage The Weather Risk

  • Hedging weather risk with financial products - new developments and techniques
  • Issues in designing and executing your weather downtime protection
  • Changing the risk allocation by buying risk protection in the weather market

Stuart Brown, Director and Head of EMEA – Asia/Pacific Origination, Weather & Energy,  Swiss Re Corporate Solutions


Networking Lunch


Panel Discussion: What Is The Best Model For Determining Fair Weather Risk Allocation?

  • Overcoming delays in project delivery caused by unevenly prohibitive risk allocation
  • Assessing the pros and cons of statistical weather and P0 models
  • Determining the best approach to contract risk sharing within lump sum agreements

Panellists include:
Dr. Benjamin Miethling, Risk Manager - Offshore Wind Development Projects, RWE Innogy
Gunther Amt, Risk Manager, RWE Innogy
Stuart Brown, Director and Head of EMEA – Asia/Pacific Origination, Weather & Energy, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions


Analysing The Contract Interface To Ensure Maximum Efficiency, Meet Project Obligations And Define Party Liability

  • What is best practice when it comes to managing your contract interface?
  • What are the typical gaps that arise?
  • How to ensure understanding of contractor challenges when issuing procurement contracts
  • Ensuring a high level of built-in capacity in your interface to deal with delays across different packages
  • Contracting for the life-cycle of your project
Arthur Uijterwijk, LCD Manager, Van Oord Offshore Wind Projects BV

Networking Break And Afternoon Refreshments


How Can Risk Be Best Allocated Between Different Packages To Prevent Knock On Delays And Carry-Over Risk?

  • Pros and cons of multi-contract versus package-based approaches
  • At what stage should the contractor be brought on board for a project?
  • Assessing the effectiveness of current buffers between packages
  • Smoothing out interface management issues between packages
Ernst van Hulten, Director, Jump Engineering BV

Closing Panel


Christian Simonis, Contract Manager, Areva

Arthur Uijterwijk, LCD Manager, Van Oord Offshore Wind Projects BV
Ernst van Hulten, Director, Jump Engineering BV


Chair’s Closing Remarks

Henrik K. Søndergaard, Senior Project Manager, Siemens Wind Power Offshore


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