Contract Risk Management In Offshore Wind Construction

Contract Risk Management In Offshore Wind


Bringing this event to the heart of the offshore wind market for it's second year, Windpower Monthly presents the exciting next edition of our solutions focused and interactive Contract Risk Management forum.

The forum will seek to interrogate the key strategies currently in place to successfully manage multiple contracts and ensure proper risk allocation. All with the aim of reducing delays during procurement, construction and operation.

 Alleviate your concerns by debating burning questions, including:

  • How can you effectively set up wind farm development contracts to avoid gaps in liability and unfair risk distribution?
  • Which contracting strategies are sufficient in meeting your project needs, whilst ultimately reducing CAPEX?
  • How can definitive risk identification ensure the delivery of projects on-budget and expose the expected cost-reduction pathway for the European offshore wind market?
  • What are the benefits of aligning your project requirements with financiers’ expectations of due diligence and contractual warranty?

what's new for 2015?

  • Event ambassadors and forum steering committe – the experts at the forefront of contract risk management
  • Real-time case studies and practical experience as we move to the second round of projects in Germany and the key offshore markets
  • The opportunity to compare and contrast regulatory regimes to appreciate the benefits of harmonisation in mitigating contract risk  – the UK CfD v the German EEG
  • Latest insights in to the role of insurance as an effective financial instrument for transferring contract risk and ensuring fair allocation
  • A project finance post-forum focus session : tackling the utility trend towards non-recourse debt finance as a viable option and the enhanced lender appetite’s transformation of the competitive landscape

This is the only industry forum to focus entirely on contract risk management in offshore wind – now with a holistic approach in assessing the life-cycle of a project. Attendees can take advantage of in-depth case studies, expert presentations and panel discussions in their areas of expertise within offshore contracts.

Meet the Contract Risk Management Steering Committee who we are working closely with to help shape this year's agenda and deliver the most cutting-edge and relevant content.

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