5th Annual Offshore Cables And Maintenance Forum

5th Annual Offshore Cable Installation And Maintenance Forum

Offshore Cables Forum - Day 1 - Tuesday 10 February 2015

Registration & Morning Refreshments


 Chair's Welcome And Opening Remarks

Sean Kelly, Chair, Offshore Wind Programme Board And Director, Transmission Capital


Examining The Possibility Of Driving Cost Reductions In The Offshore Cables Market

  • An update on today’s power cable market and future trends
  • Assessing the drivers for change: Market capacity vs UK industry growth
  • An in-depth look at the different risk management approaches to contracting
  • Innovation and early integration of the supply chain process

Sean Kelly, Chair, Offshore Wind Programme Board And Director, Transmission Capital


Pre-Installation Planning And Risk Assessment

  • Understanding threats and uncertainties

  • Developing strategies to mitigate, transfer or avoid threats

  • Proactive planning in relation to project threats

Hanita Thakkar, Planning & Performance Manager,  Centrica Energy E&P

Daniella James-Daniels, Senior Risk Consultant,  Parsons Brinckerhoff


Networking Break & Morning Refreshments


Optimising Current Ratings: Conservatism VS Risk

  • Areas where international standards prove limiting
  • Tools available for increasing ratings where international standards are not directly applicable
  • Challenges in calculating accurate dynamic ratings
  • Investigating how dynamic ratings could reduce cable conductor sizes and material costs

James Pilgrim, Electrical Specialist, Southampton University


Abiding By Insurance Policy Requirements Whilst Enhancing Operational Efficiency

  • Maximising capacity vs policy restrictions: Insurance policy overview and guidance for optimising cable operations within policy requirements
  • The Role Of The Marine Warranty Surveyor In Insurance And how To Reduce Costs With Accurate Planning

Truels Kjer, Chief Risk Engineer, Codan Insurance RSAs


Dealing With Risk On Complex Sites: Unexploded Ordnance

  • An overview of the problems associated with marine UXO
  • Utilising desk based threat and risk assessments to manage and develop UXO risk control measures
  • Using detailed magnetometer surveys and other advanced survey techniques to reduce the need for high risk field inspection and reduce safety hazards

Mark Lawrence, Senior Project Manager - Surveys, RES Offshore


Networking Lunch

Cable Manufacture & Design


The Future Of Cable Design Specification And The Implications For The Cable Manufacturing Market

  • Engineering cable designs for dynamic and challenging applications
  • Engineering cable designs for minimum cost with acceptable service life and failure rates
  • Future R&D: Cables for fixed and floating installations
  • Lowering equipment ownership costs with complete cable life cycle support: From pre-commissioning to installation support
  • Case study: Developing high voltage inter-array cabling and improved installation support

Jeremy Featherstone, Product Development Director, JDR Cable Systems Ltd

Planning For Installation


Adjusting The Industry Standards For Cable Burial Depth And What This Means For Reducing Overall Project Costs

  • An overview of the wind accelerator programme and how the revised Burial Index will affect the current ways that burial operations are conducted

  • What the changes will mean for offshore wind operations on the whole and what are the wider implications if the new guidance is accepted
  • Mitigating burial risk

Dimitris Kostopoulos, Associate - Head Of Cable Research, The Carbon Trust


PANEL DISCUSSION: Effective Cable Route Planning And Analysis

  • The guidelines for the proximity of cables and wind farms
  • Minimising the impact and potential conflict between seabed users in congested coastal and offshore areas
  • Safe marine operations in accordance with legislation and industry best practice
  • Ensuring compliance with industry codes/standards LOWER & PUWER and meeting client expectations
  • Planning and execution of geo-technical investigations along the cable route
  • New route design – benchmarking from basic design and adopting specifics depending on the site chosen
  • The impact of sediment analysis on cable routing and coping with different sediment variations

Panelists Include:

Charles Green, Energy Asset Manager, The Crown Estate

David Gray, Head Of Offshore Technical, OFGEM


Networking Break And Afternoon Refreshments


Good practice development for cable survey and cable installation for main export cables

  • UK regulatory environment and OFTO regime
  • Planning, procurement, Installation and O&M phases of a project
  • Common problems in each phase from UK viewpoint
  • Information available and clarity of process to parties for each phase of a project and the control of risk
  • Developing cross-industry good practice for cable survey
  • Risk mitigation/sharing and verification/review
  • Developing cross-industry good practice for cable installation
  • The way forward

 David Gray, Head of Offshore Technical, Ofgem


Best Practice in Cable Protection

  • Developing effective cable protection strategies
  • How to minimise environmental impacts and maximise cable protection
  • Using program simulations to identify harmful forces affecting proposed cable positioning along cable routes

Chair’s Closing Remarks


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