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Cheap power, brutal competition

Cheap power, brutal competition

UNITED STATES: With low gas prices pushing down wholesale prices, developers are finding utilities are keener to buy wind farms than the power they generate.

Identifying assets and improving returns

Identifying assets and improving returns

EUROPE: Established in 2010, Quercus Investment Partners is rapidly closing in on a place as one of Europe's top three renewable infrastructure funds.

'We have stopped seeing ourselves as merely providing turbines'

'We have stopped seeing ourselves as merely providing turbines'

EUROPE: Vestas is calling for renewable technologies to focus more on integrating with the grid and on policymakers to speed up system change.

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AWEA 2017: Day two - live blog

UNITED STATES: Coverage from day two of the American Wind Energy Association's (AWEA) Windpower 2017 annual conference and exhibition in Anaheim, California.

AWEA 2017: GE confirms EC probe

EUROPE: At a round table event at AWEA Windpower 2017 in California (23-25 May,) GE executives answered questions that had arisen about the OEM's $1.7 billion takeover of blade manufacturer LM Wind Power.

AWEA 2017: Day one - as it happened

UNITED STATES: Windpower Monthly brings you updates from the first day of Windpower 2017, the American Wind Energy Association's (AWEA) annual conference and exhibition, this year in Anaheim, California (23-25 May).

Wind resource presents biggest risk to industry

WORLDWIDE: Insurance underwriter GCube has found wind resources pose the largest threat to an onshore wind project's profitability, surpassing mechanical breakdown.

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Wind fears Trump bubble bursting

Could the "Trump effect" on the global economy pose a greater threat to wind power's prospects than his denial of climate change science?

Viewpoint: Removing blockers and creating enablers

WORLDWIDE: "I have never known much good done by those who affected to trade for the public good." Many academics agree that this statement, made in 1775 by Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations, is the underlying reason why free trade is more effective than protectionist measures in delivering prosperity to society.

GE puts blades at the cutting edge

Another month, another major acquisition. GE has once again dipped into its seemingly bottomless pockets, this time to buy the world's biggest independent manufacturer of wind-turbine rotor blades, LM Wind Power.

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