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Is insurance killing innovation?

Is insurance killing innovation?

WORLDWIDE: As developers look beyond their own balance sheets to fund larger wind projects, especially offshore, the role of the insurance underwriters grows in importance. But is satisfying the risk aversion of outside investors stifling innovation in the wind industry?

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Analysis: SunEdison heading for renewables 'supermajor' status

Analysis: SunEdison heading for renewables 'supermajor' status

UNITED STATES: SunEdison has been on an acquisition spree and manages a huge pipeline through its yieldcos. But is it growing too fast to sustain future success?

Developing economies in search of wind power

Developing economies in search of wind power

WORLDWIDE: Led by Latin America and South Africa, developing markets with a pressing need for electricity are providing a greater share of growth opportunities for the industry. But investors must do their homework and be aware of the pitfalls.

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Some things just don't change

If you found a time machine and sent our Top 10 turbine manufacturers feature back five years, it is doubtful anyone would believe they were looking into the future.

Viewpoint: Bargain wind pulls in corporate America

UNITED STATES: The US wind market is perpetually at a crossroads. With the persistent cycle of production tax credit (PTC) expiration and uncertain extension, it is challenging to be optimistic for wind in the current US political and legislative climate.

Growth will come through productivity

In the last 30 years, the rate and cost of turbine installations have been key yardsticks for the wind industry. In that time, growth has been considerable and costs have fallen steadily. Based on these criteria it has been successful.

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