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News and in-depth analysis of wind power, wind farms and wind industry companies and policy in the Asia and the Pacific region.

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Market Status: Asia-Pacific

Market Status: Asia-Pacific

ASIA-PACIFIC: Wind installations in 2015 and prospects for 2016 for countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including China, India and Australia. Including our unique Feelgood Factor rating based on political support, investor confidence, structural readiness, and pipeline.

At work on... Huangang wind farm

At work on... Huangang wind farm

CHINA: One of the oldest large-scale wind farms in China, the team at Huangang wind farm in eastern China has technology from parent company and leading developer Longyuan Power to help monitor the 105 turbines, and new ways to help increase production.

Goldwind focuses on extending its reach and lower costs of wind energy

Goldwind focuses on extending its reach and lower costs of wind energy

INTERVIEW: Goldwind president Wang Haibo talks to Windpower Monthly China correspondent Yang Jianxiang about China's largest wind manufacturer's plans to expand internationally and take its time to develop its offshore turbine

China looks to Europe for global presence

China looks to Europe for global presence

CHINA: Chinese manufacturers have struggled to win business on the global stage, but that looks set to change as companies seek greater export business with the help of European expertise.

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Special Report: Wind Power In India 2012

Map: Wind power in India

Policy changes can help Indian wind sector mature

INDIA: As the third largest economy in Asia, and one of the emerging 'BRIC' economies (alongside Brazil, Russia and China), India has a voracious appetite for electricity: government forecasts suggest a requirement of 1,355TWh by 2016-17.


Plug and play: how wind projects progress under the turnkey model

INDIA: India is now the third largest wind market by annual installations, adding 3GW in 2011 after China (17.6GW) and the US (6.8GW), according to the Global Wind Energy Council. It is also a unique market where developers and turbine manufacturers are often synonymous.

India has the potential to stay at the top

INDIA: At the time of Windpower Monthly's last special report on India, the industry was hoping for a central government stance that would provide incentives to encourage growth and a grid infrastructure that can cope.

Market Status Reports

China - Testing times ahead with more balanced growth

CHINA: The Chinese wind-power market faces a tough year as the industry gets to grips with new government requirements. Though growth slowed in 2011, the market still performed very strongly, with over 15GW of newly installed capacity. Industry officials expect the wind industry to continue to lead the world in growth in 2012 as the government counts on the technology to raise the nation's consumption of renewable energy.

Brazil - Project and production activity set to spiral

BRAZIL: Brazil added more than 40% of new capacity in 2011 and investors have the appetite for more in 2012.

Bulgaria - New rules may spark investor exodus

BULGARIA: Prospects for the Bulgarian market are not bright, as legislative changes may make it more difficult for developers to access project financing.

India - Grid and tax rules change as wind sector takes off

INDIA: India's wind sector looks likely to retain its momentum in 2012 and is on track to add 700MW in the first three months. More than 3.02GW was installed in 2011, taking total installed capacity to 16.08GW, according to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. The government has a target to double this by 2017.

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Latin America - Legislative delays stall nascent markets

LATIN AMERICA, EXCLUDING BRAZIL: Wind activity outside of Brazil is poised to grow. Mexico should see installed capacity increase this year, but elsewhere, legislative issues are holding up projects.

Middle East & North Africa - Political events bring delays but offer hope

NORTHERN AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST: Political and social unrest rocked much of the Middle East and north Africa in 2011, putting projects on hold and raising concerns for future investment. While a few countries did see progress, unrest still haunts much of the region. A lot will now depend on how quickly these countries manage to regain stability and restore confidence.

South-East Asia - Small steps forward but still a long way to go

SOUTH-EAST ASIA: Some of the region's countries are taking measures to encourage wind-power development, but regulatory and economic uncertainty and poor transmission are holding back progress in the Philippines, which has just a single 33MW wind farm built in 2009.

Sub-Saharan Africa - New players join the world of wind

SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA: The year ahead should be busy in sub-Saharan Africa after significant progress was made in 2011, most notably with project tenders in South Africa, but also installations in Ethiopia and Cape Verde. Projects also made strides ahead in Nigeria, Mauritania and Kenya. In many other countries barriers such as the lack of a regulatory framework and reliable wind data continue to hamper development.