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News & in-depth analysis of Alstom's wind energy business, contracts and deals.

Windpower Top 30 - the wind manufacturer chiefs

WORLDWIDE: It is that time of year again when Windpower Monthly selects and ranks the most influential people in the wind power industry.


Wind Economics: The competition wind faces

WORLDWIDE: In previous months in this section, I have discussed the gradual convergence between the generation costs of photovoltaics and those of onshore wind, and the cost of nuclear. These are wind's principal competitors, but there are others.

Latin America surges from potential to power

LATIN AMERICA: Favourable wind resources and government policy have driven exponential expansion in the Latin American wind market. Predictions that by 2020 capacity will have grown fivefold are making the region a safe haven for beleaguered US and European manufacturers.

GE's revised Alstom bid creates offshore wind JV

FRANCE: GE has revised its bid for Alstom in a move that would involve the creation of a joint venture (JV) that would take in Alstom's offshore wind business.

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Alstom Haliade prototype still waiting for grid connection

BELGIUM: The Alstom Haliade 6MW prototype turbine installed in Belgian waters is still awaiting a cable connection, months after being installed.

GE expected to make consessions over Alstom bid

FRANCE: GE chief executive Jerry Immelt is meeting with the French government today for discussions in which he is expected to make further concessions to win favour for the company's bid to take over Alstom.

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