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News & in-depth analysis of Alstom's wind energy business, contracts and deals.

Market Status: Belgium - Long-term prospects better for offshore

Belgium added a healthy 308MW in 2014, including 216MW offshore, bringing total installed capacity to 1.96GW, of which 712MW is offshore.

Market Status: Middle East & North Africa - Some encouraging signs despite unrest

Despite widespread political unrest, the region saw 346MW installed in 2014, against 257MW the previous year. While some markets have ground to a halt there are encouraging signs in others, notably in Egypt and Morocco.

Market Status: United States - Two-year boom could add more than 16GW

UNITED STATES The US is expecting a healthy volume of wind installation in 2015, around 50% up on 2014 as developers scramble to use December's extension of the wind production tax credit (PTC).

New blade technology makes more from wind

DENMARK: Blade extension packages, new hybrid materials and wireless sensor technology are all being deployed by leading blade manufacturer LM Wind Power in the drive to improve turbine efficiency and cut wind power costs.

Alstom-GE deal set for shareholder vote

FRANCE: Alstom has given an update on the acquisition of its energy division by GE, stating that French Foreign Investment authorisation has been obtained and the deal is set to go to a shareholder vote.

Windpower Top 30 - GE's McEntee tops list

The fourth Windpower Monthly Top 30 places wind industry leaders according to their ability to influence, using categories such as global reach, financial clout and megawatt might. The resulting ratings reveal personnel changes and new industry trends.

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