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Towers reach for the sky

WORLDWIDE: The development of tall, cost-effective towers is widely recognised as the next revolution in the wind industry because of their potential in boosting yields and cutting energy costs. Eize de Vries reviews the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in tall tower design.

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Acciona to list foreign wind assets

SPAIN: Acciona has reached an agreement with its partner KKR on plans to list foreign wind assets as a yieldco on an international stock exchange.

Brazil Windpower 2014: Acciona tips the scales in favour of Brazil

BRAZIL: Spanish turbine manufacturer Acciona has successfully shifted its major market for wind turbine sales to Brazil, with agreements signed this year to supply three more wind projects totalling 297MW.

Acciona upgrades 3MW turbine

UNITED STATES: Acciona Windpower will launch its new design for the AW125/3000 turbine at the AWEA Windpower Conference, this week.

Vestas picked for 59MW South Korean project

SOUTH KOREA: Vestas has won a 59.4MW contract from South Korean firm Yeongyan Windpower for installation of turbines on a wind farm in the country.

Europe's technology trends

EUROPE: Innovations and new technologies continue to appear on the market, despite, or indeed because of a slowing of new turbine installations across Europe as our selection from EWEA shows.

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