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EU sets 27% renewable energy target
Weather halts work on Sea Angel test turbine
Gallery: Siemens DanTysk installation
China Wind Power 2014: Solar, JVs and the Five-Year Plan
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​Windpower Monthly TV investigates

​Windpower Monthly TV investigates

Windpower Monthly TV, programme 1: A visit to a repowered wind farm demonstrates just how far the industry has progressed in the last 20 years, and offshore data reveals the changes expected in another decade of offshore wind development.

Policy and market setup stall growth potential in Alberta

Policy and market setup stall growth potential in Alberta

CANADA: With its growing electricity demand, good resources and ageing coal-plant fleet, Alberta is ideally placed to become Canada's next big wind market. But a lack of long-term contracts and political support means developers and investors are holding off

Curtailment solutions boost confidence in China

Curtailment solutions boost confidence in China

CHINA: As China continues to outstrip the rest of the world in the growth rate of its wind capacity, high investment in infrastructure to address curtailment problems is supporting wind developers' ambitious growth plans. Offshore, things are looking less rosy.

Canada moves up to sixth place in global rankings

Canada moves up to sixth place in global rankings

CANADA: Having installed more than 700MW by September, and expected to more than double that by the end of 2014, Canada has overtaken France and Italy for installed capacity.

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Last updated 24 October 2014

ProjectCountryMWDeveloperTurbineOnline yearDate reported
Pontal Brazil 22MW Enerplan Alstom ECO122-2.7MW 2015 23/10/2014
Haut Plateau Picard France 27.5MW Volkwind N100/2500 2015 22/10/2014
Hoge Vag Sweden 36MW Vattenfall Gamesa G97-2MW 2015 13/10/2014
Froreda Sweden 23.1MW Eolus Vestas V126-3.3MW 2015 09/10/2014
Ovares Turkey 18MW Ayres Elektik Gamesa G97-2MW 2015 09/10/2014
Kuolavaara-Keulakkopaa Finland 51MW Impax Asset Management Nordex N117/3000 2015 07/10/2014
Green Pastures United States 300MW Capital Dynamics Acciona AW 116/3000 2015 06/10/2014
Fabodliden Sweden 79.2MW Fred Olsen Renewables Vestas V112-3.3MW 2015 06/10/2014
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Investable Wind Land - Wind Power Seminar

  • Wed 29 Oct 2014
  • Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre, Tampere, Finland

Windaba 2014

  • Mon 3 Nov 2014 - Wed 5 Nov 2014
  • Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town, South Africa

Blade Operations And Maintenance Forum

  • Wed 5 Nov 2014 - Thu 6 Nov 2014
  • Houston, Texas

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